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New Global Strategy of Collaboration

The Challenge: After a long history of great success the organization, a subsidiary of a much larger nonprofit, expanded rapidly, beyond the US without a widely understood strategy or a consensus as to the value and obligations throughout the organization.

Building Commitment to New Mission, Governance and Accountability

The Challenge: The organization, still a major force in its sector, had experienced more than 20 years of membership decline.  Its mission, powerful with baby boomers, did not connect with Generation X & Y.  Multiple boards were at odds with

New Governance, New Comity, New Commitment to Markets

The Challenge: After years of division the CEO was on his way out.  Half of the staff was gone and the other half felt threatened. Governance/management distinctions had broken down as board members forced long postponed decisions on management and

Restoring Goodwill, Discipline And Direction

The Challenge: This large local nonprofit in an urban/suburban community had become estranged from the funder of one major program, a local government. It was not prepared for an imminent federal evaluation of its other major program. A state program