Building Commitment to New Mission, Governance and Accountability

The Challenge:

The organization, still a major force in its sector, had experienced more than 20 years of membership decline.  Its mission, powerful with baby boomers, did not connect with Generation X & Y.  Multiple boards were at odds with one another. Though the asset base remained strong ($100 million plus reserves) piece meal budget cuts, poor financial information and tension between boards and staff had eroded staff morale. No significant new programming had been developed in several years.

The Approach:

Build new inter-board dialog, with staff participation, focused on shared assessment of risks and opportunities. Launch vehicles for enhanced communication and collaborative decision-making. Increase accountability throughout organization.

The Results:

  • Launched organization-wide program theme and program formulation structure.
  • Achieved dramatic improvements in satisfaction of member leaders and staff with the quality and credibility of their mutual communications, (according to tracking surveys)
  • Created several hundred thousand dollars a year in savings and/or revenues from general and administrative areas
  • Repositioned biennial convention
  • Identified and addressed key financial information errors and system deficiencies
  • Gained commitment to development of a long term strategic renewal process that has since led to a new mission and new governance structure.