Restoring Goodwill, Discipline And Direction

The Challenge:

This large local nonprofit in an urban/suburban community had become estranged from the funder of one major program, a local government. It was not prepared for an imminent federal evaluation of its other major program. A state program was in danger of losing its funding and strains had arisen with another program funder and a grass roots fundraising constituency. Financial information was both infrequent and unreliable. The long time CEO was departing. Staff was frustrated and felt vulnerable. The board, however, was united in seeking strong leadership, reliable information and new funder relationships.

The Approach:

Understand the needs of funders, and constituent groups, negotiate new approaches that emphasize reconciling mission service with constituent needs. Adjust management style and systems accordingly. Increase accountability throughout organization.

The Results:

    • reworked relationships with governments and other funders, securing funding previously imperiled
    • emerged from federal program evaluation with very strong marks
    • restored effective dialog with various constituencies, some of which had threatened to secede
    • lost funding for one program but through a successful fundraising blitz, raise sufficient funding to sustain the program for one year while looking for sustainable funding
    • rebuilt financial and administrative staffs restoring quality and timeliness of financial information
    • created tools and procedures for effective cash flow management